60 Ways To Make DIY Shelves A Part Of Your Home’s Décor

By Simona Ganea

DIY Crate Shelves After a Paint

Of all the DIY projects you can do for your home, shelves are among the simplest of all. And we’re not solely talking about the minimalist floating shelf type. There are numerous other designs and ideas you can try, some of which are extremely interesting, ingenious and practical. Every one of these DIY projects has its own unique characteristics and its own way of completing your home in a beautiful way. It’s up to you to figure out which ones to pick based on their level of difficulty, choice of style, etc.

Shelves made of repurposed crates

Turning a bunch of wood crates into wall shelves is really easy. There’s no need to cut anything. All you have to do is mount the crates on the wall and for that you’ll need screws and anchors. The first step, however, will be to stain the crates in order to give them the look you want. This part is pretty easy and all you need is some sandpaper, wood stain and old cloths. Find out more about the project on theblondielocks.

If you want, you can put together lots of crates and make a large wall unit out of them. They don’t all need to have the same dimensions or shape as long as you can combine them like pieces of a puzzle and obtain a good-looking composition at the end. Check out alightdelight for an example of how such a design would look.

Tower Stacked Crates

A bunch of wood crates can also be stacked to form a tower unit. You can put separators in each crate to obtain more shelves. The result will be a simple-looking shelving unit which you can make out of crates, wood boards, plywood and brackets. The entire building process is described on dreamalittlebigger so check out the tutorial for more details.

Shelves with industrial designs

Industrial copper pipe shelves

Copper pipes are very popular in a lot of great designs for things like DIY shelves, decorative frames and other accent pieces. Copper pipe shelves, for example, can take many forms. A particularly stylish version is offered on delineateyourdwelling. To make these you’ll need copper pipe hooks, cork coasters and scissors. You can use washi tape to secure the cork base to the hooks.

Copper peg shelves

The copper hardware can simply be an accent detail for the shelves if you don’t want the industrial look to play an important role in the overall design. Such a project would be really easy to complete. You’ll need a copper pipe cut into pieces, wooden dowels, screws, anchors, pieces of MDF, wood glue and wood boards. The list of supplies being so long, be sure to check out vintagerevivals for instructions on how to use them.

Chic and simple copper peg shelves

A similarly-chic and simple design can also be found on ajoyfulriot. The shelves themselves don’t need to be special in any way. It’s actually the copper pipes that make them stand out. In addition to these you’ll also need planges, copper male adapters, screws and copper tube caps. Add the shelves to spaces such as the hallway, entryway, kitchen, laundry room or basically any space that could use some simple extra storage.

Highlighting the hardware for shelves

If you want your shelves to have a subtle industrial hint, try simply highlighting the hardware. The shelves themselves can be simple wooden boards. Screw L-brackets underneath the board and then screw them into the wall. The project is extremely simple and you can find its full description here.

Industrial bookshelves with pipes

Industrial bookshelves are another option. A DIY version can be made using metal pipes and fittings. Check out gloriouslymade for a full list of supplies needed for the project. After you assemble the shelves it’s time to mount them on the wall. The pipes are quite heavy so here they were placed vertically on the wall to be sure they wouldn’t sag.

Shelves made of reclaimed wood or pallets

Rustic shelves from reclaimed wood

Using reclaimed wood in DIY projects is something we totally agree with. Not only is this a great way to add character and charm to a project but it’s also a simple way to stay eco-friendly. Need some inspiration? How about the beautiful kitchen shelves featured on Keepingitcozy? The first step should be to sand the wood especially if it’s very weathered. You can then stain it and after that you have to assemble the whole piece.

IKEA distressed wood shelves

If you don’t want to use reclaimed wood or you can’t find any but you still want your shelves to feature a distressed look, there are other ways to obtain it. You can check out the method used on sugarandcloth. The project is really simple and all you need for it is some untreated wooden shelves, wood stain, a paint brush, a dowel and brackets. The instructions and the design are very simple and easy to follow.

Floating wall shelves using reclaimed wood

For the DIY shelves featured on Bigplanslittlevictories the list of supplies includes reclaimed wood, metal pipes plus a few other things like a table saw, a tape measure, sandpaper, screws and a drill. Here you’ll also find step by step instructions that will guide you from start to finish, from the moment when you make a template on the wall to the very end when you get to enjoy the finished product.

Pallet shelves for pictures

Pallets are also a great resource when it comes to DIY wall shelves. The transformation doesn’t have a really complex one unless you want it to. The pallet shelves featured on Diyandcraftsideas are pretty transparent when it comes to figuring out what the main resource for the project was.

Of course, you can choose to alter the pallet a bit more in order to get the desired design. A good example in this sense is the project featured on meandmadeline. It all started with a wood pallet. The pallet was cut in three separate pieces and three different shelves were created using those pieces. They’re perfect for storing and displaying magazines and books.

Chic marble shelves

Marble shelving system

Wood is definitely the primary choice as a material when it comes to shelves and a lot of other pieces of furniture and accessories for the home. However, it’s not the only great option. Marble, for example, can also be a perfect choice. The main idea is to use marble tiles instead of wood boards. The rest of the design and the building process remains the same. {found on kristimurphy}

Hanging marble shelving - flower vase

A really cute and stylish hanging shelf also made using a marble tile can be found on abubblylife. Aside for the marble tile, you’ll also need leather cord and scissors if you want to recreate the design. Start by cutting two equal lengths of cord. Tie each end into a knot with a loop at the top. Lay the cords in a cross and place the tile on top. Tie a knot where the cords meet at the top. You can use the shelf as a hanging planter stand.

DIY floating shelves

DIY copper shelves

The simplicity of floating shelves often makes us underestimate them when, in fact, they’re extremely practical, versatile and more stylish than they let us think at first. There are a lot of variations, one particularly eye-catching example being the project featured on vintagerevivals. These DIY copper shelves would stand out in just about any décor.

Stained wood shelves

The chunky wood shelves displayed on beckhamandbelle are not lacking style either. Their beauty and charm lies in their simplicity and the perfectly-balanced proportions. The stain color is also beautifully chosen, emphasizing the wood’s natural beauty and unique pattern.

Wood floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to add storage to a small room or without occupying floor space. The dining room can be a good example in this case. Check out the elegant shelves you can add with a really small budget. You can customize the dimensions of the shelves according to your own particular needs. {found on heyletsmakestuff}.

Design corner shelves

On Ahomewest you can also find a great design for corner shelves. They’re really great because they let you use a portion of a room that usually remains empty but also because they actually look pretty interesting. You can adjust the spacing between the shelves as well as the pattern they create.

White floating corner shelves

Floating corner shelves can make a great addition to a lot of spaces, including home offices, living room, even bedrooms. They’re easy to craft and install especially if you have a clear image in mind regarding the final result. The list of supplies needed usually includes things like wood boards, wood screws, fasteners, some paint, glue, a drill, a saw and sandpaper. For more details you can check out the example on Abeautifulmess.

Ikea float hack shelves

If you’d rather not craft the shelves yourself from scratch, there’s also the option to buy them and then simply give them a quick makeover. Check out the Ikea hack featured on Abubblylife for a little bit of inspiration. The project shows you how to add a pop of color to your floating shelves using contact paper.

Reclaimed wood floating shelves

Floating shelves are extremely practical in areas such as the kitchen or the home office where you need to store a lot of things but you also want to be able to easily reach and grab them without having to open and close doors every time. And if you want to be creative, you can make your floating shelves double as drawers. Find out more about this on notjustahousewife.

Interesting floating shelves for magazine

DIY floating shelves such as the one featured on Atilio are especially interesting and ingenious because they offer something more. In this case, the shelf doubles as a magazine holder. In order to add this functionality a few simple things are needed: hooks, a string and two wood beads.

Shelves with geometric designs

Honeycomb shelves for wall

Geometric designs are especially suitable for modern and contemporary interiors although they’re pretty versatile in general and can adapt well to a lot of other settings. These honeycomb shelves look really chic and they’re not that difficult to make either. The challenge is cutting the pieces of wood at just the right angle.

Modern honeycomb shelves you can start build

Another nice tutorial on how to make hexagonal wall shelves can be found on burkatron. The really great thing about these shelves is that their design and shape allows them to be combined and installed in groups in order to create a honeycomb pattern as well as a variety of other designs meant to become a focal point for the room.

DIY geometric wall shelves

And since hexagon-shaped shelves seem to be so popular and versatile, here’s yet another tutorial on how to create them. The ones featured on sheknows are special because of the color combination. The interior was painted a nice shade of turquoise while the rest of the wood kept its natural color.

Lattice house shelves

The versatility of geometric shelf designs can best be seen in the case of these lattice shelves. They’re perfect to be used as display areas for planters or vases but also as bookshelves or even as a key hanger for the entrance hallway. To make such a shelf you need a sheet of Union Jack radiator cover, industrial strength adhesive and some spray paint. {found on francoisetmoi}

Triangle shelves diy

The beauty of the triangle shelves featured on wellmadeheart lies in their simplicity. There are many ways in which these shelves can be integrated in a modern or contemporary décor but also a lot of possibilities when it comes to rustic, traditional or eclectic settings. In addition, you can play with proportions and mix and match different-sized shelves.

Cool Triangle Shelf

Of course other designs which are a bit more complex are also an interesting possibility. For example, check out the geometric shelves we found on livecreatedecorate. To craft shelves like these you’ll need some timber, a saw, wood glue, small timber nails, matte polyurethane, white acrylic paint, tape and sandpaper.

Modern circular shelves

Circular shelves are look really attractive and their shape allows them to stand out in a really simple and chic way. Of course, the small details also play a very important role. We found a really cute project on thelovelydrawer. Keep in mind that these are decorative shelves which are not able to withstand a lot of weight.

Hanging circle wood shelf

The circular wall shelf featured on newblooming takes the design to a whole new level. The list of supplies needed for the project is a bit odd: suede leather lace, quilting hoops, clamps, glue and basswood sheets. Check out the full description of the project for more details and for a bit more inspiration.

DIY hanging shelves

Leather strap hanging shelf

Hanging shelves are usually really easy to design and build. A suggestive example in this sense is offered on camillestyles. This project is so simple you’ll be wondering why you haven’t done it sooner. You’ll need a leather strip, a wood board, ribbed plastic anchors, metallic gold spray paint, painter’s tape and a drill. Paint the edge of the board golden, drill holes in the leather and screw the strip to the board.

Hanging pvc pipes shelf

A similar but, at the same time, different project is featured on atilio. This time the list o supplies includes a bunch of PVC pipes or some other kind of bars or rods. These will be used as a base for the shelf. Rope is used to hang the shelf on the wall after hooks were installed there.

Bathroom hanging shelf

Another really simple design for a hanging shelf which you can also find on atilio shows how you can use simple wood beads to give the shelf a chic and stylish look. All you need for this project is a wood board, four wood beads and some rope, twine or string, in addition to the two wall hooks.

Wooden Box into a Modern Hanging

This hanging shelf is made out of a box. The idea is both ingenious and really simple. In addition to the wooden box you’ll also need some paint, rope, a drill and a paint brush. After you drill the holes on each side of the wooden box, thread the rope through them and tie a knot on each end. Paint the outside and hang the shelf. {found on brit}

Cords hanging shelves for kitchen

Using this technique or a similar one you can group up two or more shelves. Curious how such a design would look like? Check out designsponge for a pretty great example. The supplies required in this case include rope, wooden shelves, a drill, paint in the color of your choice and two hooks. Thread the rope ends through the holes of the first shelf and make a knot under the shelf. Then thread them through the bottom shelf and tie a knot once again.

Leather straps hanging shelf

The belt straps used to hand the shelves featured on athomeinlove offer a versatile and beautiful design idea which can be adapted to a lot of different projects. The two shelves featured here share the same design and, although they’re individual pieces, they form a really nice duo.

Colorful cords that hang shelves on wall

Hanging shelves can be customized in a lot of fun and eye-catching ways. Using three floating shelves, poly cord, spray paint, tape and glue gun you can craft shelves that look very similar to the ones featured on ducklingsinarow. The pink cord gives them a really fun look and, in addition, the ombre look adds a chic touch to the whole design.

shelves are actually made of books

The project featured on thedecorfix gives a whole new meaning to the term “bookshelf”. That’s because the shelves are actually made of books. Here’s how the process goes: drill holes in the corners of the books. Cover the books in wrapping paper and apply a thin layer of mod podge. Let it dry and poke holes through the paper to match those in the books. Measure the twine, cut it to size and thread it through the holes. Tie four knots and then thread the second book through. You can then add the third book and then tie a knot at the top.

How to make hanging bathroom shelves from wood

A hanging shelf can be a great addition to a bathroom. You can use it as a storage space for extra tp rolls, lotions and other things. If you want to use the design offered on shanty-2-chic, gather your supplies which include two wood boards, wood screws, wood glue, sisal rope and a hook.

Rustic log shelvesRustic log shelves

A log can be used in a lot stylish ways in a home’s interior design, whether you use it as a solid mass or cut it into slices. Wood slice shelves have a rustic touch which allows them to either stand out or blend in, depending on how the rest of the décor is presented. Check out girllovesglam to find out how to make a wood slice shelf with a rustic-industrial look.

Rustic Log Shelves to display things

Instead of cutting the log into round slices another possibility is to cut it lengthwise in order to obtain raw-edge boards which you can then use as shelves. All you need is a shelf and a set of brackets. Screw the brackets into the bottom of the shelf and then mount it on the wall. {found on designsponge}.

DIY shelves with eye-catching brackets

Wood shelves with exposed brackets

Since we mentioned brackets earlier, let’s have a look at a few different shelf designs for which the brackets are more or less the focal point. The rustic bathroom shelves featured on designdininganddiapers can be an example worth checking out. The brackets themselves are not exactly extraordinary in terms of design but they definitely look right here.

Painted sheles in three different designs

In the case of the painted shelves featured on designlovefest it’s difficult to day which element is the most eye-catching. Both the mounting hardware and the painted stripes stand out but each in a different way. You can play with the design, the colors and the combinations of styles and patterns in a lot of fun ways.

brackets suit the shelves

Another example where the brackets suit the shelves in a really great way is offered on craftsmandrive. The shelves featured here have an overall simple and versatile design although the brackets tend to give them a rustic feel. At the same time, the simplicity allows them to look quite at home in a modern décor.

DIY multifunctional shelves

Pegboard wall organizer shelves

When space limited or when you simply want to make the most of the space you have, multifunctional furniture saves the day. This applies to just about anything, including shelves. And what better way to make sure everything is in perfect sync than by making the shelves yourself. A great example of multifunctional shelves is offered on Themerrythought. The pegboard organizer featured here also has built-in shelves which are great for storing and displaying accessories.

Multifunctional shelf - key and storage

Similarly, the combination between a simple wall shelf and a key holder featured on burkatron is quite clever and practical. Such an accessory would make a wonderful addition to the entryway. Theshelf provides a cute little space for displaying a potted plant or something else which the key holder is always great to have around.

Wall industrial pipe shelves

For an entryway or walk-in closet, the industrial pipe shelves featured on onebroadsjourney would be really practical. That’s mostly because of their double function. The pipes that act as supports for the shelves also serve as rods for hangers. You can put together such a unit yourself. Check out the full tutorial for more details.

Leaning mirror with shelf

In the case of the design offered on themerrythought the shelves and the mirror form together a sort of vanity. The design, however, is more casual and simplified. You can create something similar by using a large wood board as a back support. On it mount a mirror and a set of small shelves.

DIY Shelf System for the Study

A similar design, this time for the office, is offered on scandifoodie. The shelving unit featured here is made in a similar way, using a large wooden board as a support structure and a bunch of small shelves attached to it that serve as storage and display areas for books, decorations, files and all sorts of other things. The design is not only simple and easy to make but also quite good-looking in such a setting.

DIY spice rack shelves

Spice rack shelves

A kitchen is not complete without a spice rack. Yet finding one that actually suits your kitchen is not as easy as it may seem. The solution in such cases is to build the rack yourself. You can find a bunch of great tutorials and designs on the internet, the example offered on hildablue being one of them. For this project you’ll need a wooden shelf, some paint (optional), mason jars and screws.

Eat- yellow shelves for spices

It’s important for a spice rack to be practical. This is why you need to pay special attention to the details such as the type of containers you’ll be using or the area where you’ll be hanging the shelf. If your collection of spices is something to be proud of, check out the idea offered on confessionsofanewworldhomeowner.

Creative shelves made of repurposed items


Repurposing items as shelves is a fun and creative idea. An old skateboard, for example, could make an eye-catching shelf and all you have to do is find a way to mount it on the wall. There’s no need to remove the wheels or the hardware. It’s enough to add two brackets. {found on beingbrook}

crutches turned into shelves

A pair of crutches could also become an important design element for a set of DIY shelves. Curious how that can be? Check out the shelving unit featured on mamiejanes. The first step is to transform the crutches so they can become a viable part of the design of the shelving unit. Then the shelves are added.

Stacked end tables turned into shelves

The list of things that can be repurposed into shelves is pretty much endless. For example, even an old table can be sued for such a project. The idea is quite simple actually. You’ll be cutting the table in two lengthwise. Stack the two halves one on top of the other and this will be your shelving unit. The idea comes from infarrantlycreative.

Ladder turned into shelves

Sometimes the transformation makes sense. For example, a ladder can easily be repurposed as a shelving unit. This idea applies to just about any kind of ladder and each type asks for a different transformation. The ladder planter stand featured on funkyjunkinteriors requires little effort to make and can become a refreshing week-end project.

Old picture frames turned into shelves

In some cases, certain types of picture frames can also be repurposed as wall shelves. The transformation couldn’t be easier, especially if we’re talking about shadow boxes. However, any type of frame can become a shelf with a little bit of help. For more info, check out the tutorial on shanty-2-chic.

Plastic buckets turned into shelves

Another refreshing and ingenious idea is to repurpose buckets into wall shelves. The resulted shelves will not only look interesting but will also be really versatile and practical. Use them as bookshelves and for a lot of other cases as well. You can check out ohohblog for more inspiration.

Old window shutters turned into shelves

Shutters can also be transformed into shelves and the design possibilities are quite numerous. For example, small alterations can allow you to use a shutter as a magazine rack or, as the example on serendipitychicdesign shows, you can apply a more drastic transformation in order to obtain a different but just as interesting type of shelf.

Christmas Snow Sleigh turned into a shelf

Let’s finish the list with something festive and Christmas-related. We’re talking about a shelving unit made of a repurposed sleigh. You can find more details on the project and the steps you need to take if you want to create something similar on funkyjunkyinteriors.

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