Baby Closet Organizers to Bottles: Keeping Tidy With Baby

By Grace Lynne Fleming

A baby comes with a lot of “stuff,” from pack and plays to play gardens, changing tables and closet organizers. There are so many necessities that you’ll need to take care, entertain and enjoy your little one with. But that doesn’t mean he or she needs to change the overall look and feel of the home. There are plenty of ways to keep essentials close but neat, organized and in all the right places. Don’t let your newborm take over the house, instead, let’s learn how to tidy up and decorate when a baby joins in on the fun!

Go With It.

Firstly, you’ll need to learn to go with the flow and create a routine of organization. Don’t allow clothes to pile up or dishes to stay in the sink. With a baby those piles will get bigger and more out of hand before you can even think to clean it up. So, as you start to blend baby into your everyday make “cleaning as you go” a part of your daily mantra.

Create a kitchen space.

Carve out a specific spot to keep all your babe’s kitchen essentials in. Instead of mixing it up with the adult necessities, this keeps baby’s formula, bottles and other food ware in a safe spot where you can keep everything tidy and organized. Sterilizers, drying racks and nipple brushes are all needed, so it’s important that it doesn’t get in the way of the everyday use of the space.

Hide the extras.

Whether it’s the umbrella stroller, travel bags, a highchair that she’s not ready to use quite yet or a Bumbo seat, use a closet to store necessities that aren’t in use at the moment. Don’t monopolize the house with items that aren’t used on a daily basis or aren’t needed quite yet.

Wrangle Accessories.

From little socks to little shoes, these “little” pieces of fashion can get lost and create chaos in closets and drawers. Use drawer organizers, baskets or even canvas cubbies inside a cubby system to keep this potential catastrophe at bay. This also makes it easier to dress baby every time as you won’t be trying to find matches at every turn.

Double Up On Furniture.

Use some of your furniture pieces around the house as storage space for your little one. The entertainment center or buffet that used as merely an accent piece int he living room can be filled with books and toys. Instead of letting your son or daughter pile up the play time in the corners of the family space, they have a place to put everything they need and want.{found on lindsaysaccullo}.

Buy a Hamper.

You may not think you need a hamper for your tiny baby’s clothes, but trust us, you will. It’ll be easy to take off the dirty bib, spray it with Shout and drop it in the hamper without having to rush into the laundry room every time a dribble happens. Besides, you have to keep the baby’s clothes separate for washing and this makes the whole process quicker and easier.{found on flickr}.

Utilize the Walls.

Utilize your walls as best you can, from book storage and toys this is the easiest way to not only decorate and add a personal touch but to get things off the floor! Even the hallway can be turned into a reading nook with this idea.{found on projectnursery}.

Make the Most of His/Her Closet.

Your baby’s closet isn’t just for clothes, it can be for toys, books and so much more. Grab a cubby divider, extra rods and utilize every inch of the closet he/she has. You can create a custom look with just a few essentials while making the nursery that much more crisp and easy to navigate.

Keep the Bath Toys in the Bathroom.

Just like the kitchen, if your little one is sharing a bathroom with older kids or even the guests, you’ll need to carve out space just for the things he/she needs. And toys that are made for the bath tub should stay inside. Grab a mesh net to hang on the shower wall or a plastic basket to fill up and hide under the sink when playtime is over.Available for $30.

Keep it Stocked.

Most pack and plays come with a changing station, keep it stocked! The same goes for the nursery’s station. Don’t be running around the house trying to find a clean diaper and wipes because you forgot to restock the spot you’re using.

Make a Memory Box.

For my own little one, I bought a large, beautiful box to keep all of her special things in. From cards to hospital bracelets they’re all kept inside and organized – instead of taking up real estate on my night stand or dresser just asking to get lost!

Create a Giveaway Bag.

When something becomes too small or too stained for your little one to wear, instead of throwing it out, give it away to those who may need them. Designate a bag that you can keep these pieces in and when it’s full you can donate it all! Without the bag you’ll be keeping so much excess in the drawers and closets and it’ll get out of hand before you know it!

Make Room for First Aid.

A new thermometer, nasal aspirators and more, babies need a lot and your medicine cabinet can start looking a bit outrageous with all the new additions. Use a basket for the baby’s essentials only so it’s easier to access and won’t overflow your own stash.{found on asplendidmessylife}.

Prepare for the Next Day.

Don’t rush in the morning and create clutter because you’re in a frenzy. Instead, repack and restock the diaper bag the night before. Have an outfit set aside with all the essentials as well. This makes getting ready for the day go so much smoother and without leaving a trail of chaos in your wake.

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