6 Industrial bar chairs with metal base (8
Bar Chairs
6 Industrial bar chairs with metal base
Over the last ten to fifteen years the design of the bar stool has changed from a simple diner style bar stool to a more elaborate design. Today bar chairs are being designed for both looks and comfort, and bar […]
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+20 Small Dining Table ideas inspired The Every Girl (Copy)
Dining Tables
+16 Small Dining Table ideas inspired by Pinterest
If you have a small dining room space you are going to need a small dining table. It is the centerpiece of this living space. Interior Design Blogs made a selection of some images from Pinterest boards. So, if you […]
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feature image new bed designs 2016
New bed designs 2016 by Koket
Imagine a beautiful princess sleeping in her romantic bed and waiting for a handsome Prince to give her his love. This is considered a pure fairytale story, but we can adapt the reality and sleep like a princess after all […]
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hallway ideas, lighting fixtures, ceiling lights, chandeliers, table lamps, Venetian mirror, Carrara marble, wall light, stell, brass, polished brass
Floor Lamps
9 hallway ideas: the best lighting fixtures you could choose from
Have you ever thought deeply “What about my hallway? With which lighting fixtures should I decorate it with?” – No worries! Interior Design Blogs has 9 hallway ideas: the best ceiling lights, chandeliers, table lamps and son on! You will […]
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Top e-books you should read 100 Modern Sofas 12
Top e-books you should read: 100 Modern Sofas
One of the most important spaces of your house is definitely the living room. There are also some really important furniture pieces that should be there to make the living room work, you probably already guessed by the title of […]
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Modern console tables free e-book - Download
Console Tables
Modern console tables free e-book – Download
Any familiar readers of Modern Console Tables blog (one of Interior Design Blogs blog) will understand the driving force and general aesthetic that is published. Seeking for a time lasting design pieces, manufactured for the masses, or in specific quantities, Modern Console […]
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Summer Houses with Astonishing Modern Chairs
The hot season is coming so even the interior decoration is focused on the summer. When you think about summer you think on the outside, having meals under a tree and enjoying the wonderful sun with your loved ones. What […]
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interior design blogs sofa ideas 1 (Copy)
5 velvet sofa ideas
About modern living room furniture trends, there is a lot to talk about. And in what sofa concerns, in 2016 the velvet sofa it’s what is in vogue. Modern interior trends 2016 reinvent classy luxury, serenity, creative recycling and versatility […]
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Buffets and Cabinets for a family room interior design blogs 4
Buffets and Cabinets for a family room
A family room is always a cozy place so let’s discover some buffets and cabinets that will help you keep the place in order. It will give you all the room to organize that you need, of course a TV […]
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interior-design-blogs-Coffee-Tables 2
Coffe Tables
Coffee tables for your living room design
This is a luxury option, so shiny! Lapiaz inspired this unique coffee table. The french word is the name given to the typical karst formations produced by surface dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks.
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