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Hilla Shamia’s Wood Casting Furniture Collection

Hilla Shamia is product designer based in Tel-Aviv who created a furniture collection of tables and stools by blending tree trunk lengths with aluminium, producing a beautifully balanced and unique outcome each time. This is an incredible wood casting furniture collection.

Hilla Shamia’s Wood Casting Furniture Collection

Each of the collection’s products are developed in the same fashion, where trunk of cypress or eucalyptus trees are split in half and inserted in a mould, which defines the piece’s final size and shape, and is then filled with molten aluminium. As it is poured onto the wooden surface, filling the spaces inside the tree trunk, the molten aluminium creates a stunning layer of carbonised wood, which sits remarkably between the contrasting materials.

“The dark coal narrates the love story between the [wood and aluminium], emphasising their initial meeting, outlining a sense of continuation, and maintaining a sense of flow even when the two materials are solid and strong, just like the dynamics between an elderly couple.” Hilla Shamia, in an interview with Deezen

Hilla Shamia’s Wood Casting Furniture Collection

As the mold breaks once it has cooled, the final outcome reveals a smooth and harmonious journey from the Aluminium’s cold and industrial feel, through the black carbonised border which leads into the tree trunk’s organic form and naturally warming colours.
“Using this special technology of casting metal into wood, I was able to originate completely new connections and geometrical adjournments between the two.”
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