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Minimalist DIY Projects Packed With Beauty

By Stefan

Minimalist DIY Projects Packed With Beauty DIY Copper Bud Vase

All the latest trends point towards simplicity and minimalism and things are not any different in the field of interior design where designers try to simplify everything as much as possible in order to only include the essentials but without sacrificing function or comfort. You can take on the role of a designer and come up with your own beautiful creations. These minimalist DIY projects will offer you a few really great ideas.

We’ll start with a lovely bud vase. Easy to make and really chic, this is the type of accent decoration you can display anywhere in the house. To make it you need craft plywood, a metal candle plate, a copper air chamber, some wire, wood stain, strong adhesive and some salt and vinegar. The last two will be used to polish the copper air chamber. This is a very suggestive type of minimalist art you can craft yourself.{found on annabode}.

For your home office or your bookshelf, wherever this one may be placed, you can make a geometric bookend using cardstock, corrugated cardboard, duct tape, quick-drying concrete and a sanding block. First you need to make a geometric mold using a template. Once you have it, make the concrete mixture and fill the mold with it. Once it’s dry, peel away the tape and cardboard and sand the surface and each edge.{found on ehow}.

Minimalist DIY Projects Packed With Beauty modern minimalist concrete planters

Working with concrete or cement is fun and easy. You can use it to make all sorts of simple and beautiful decorations such as a planter for example. Take a plastic mixing bowl and fill it with a mixture of three parts sand and to parts dry cement plus water. Then take a small round tupperware container and put it into the wet mix, off center. Let the cement dry and then remove the containers. Similarly, you can find minimalist design solutions for your flower beds.{found on burkatron}.

Minimalist DIY Projects Packed With Beauty minimalist wall clock

If you want a simple but also practical wall decoration, you can make a clock. You need a round wooden chopping board, a black leather strap or an old belt, a leather punch, a clock mechanism, a drill, small screws and a screwdriver. Mark the center point on the chopping board and drill a hole in there. Measure the leather strap and decide how you want to attach it to the clock. Make holes at the ends and then drill two holes in the sides of the wooden block. Screw the strap in place and add the clock mechanism.{found on thelovelydrawer}.

Minimalist DIY Projects Packed With Beauty Leather Jewellery Wall Hanging

Finding a minimalist jewelry holder that looks good is hard since they’re usually all ornate. The solution? Make one yourself. You need leather, colorful eyelets, a rotary cutter, a hammer and a leather hole punch. Cut strips of leather and fold them in half, lining up the edges. Make a hole through both layers and push the eyelet through. Pop a washer onto the back of the eyelet and use a hammer to gently secure it in place. Make as many of these things as you need. They’ll complement your minimalist lifestyle while also being very practical.

Minimalist DIY Projects Packed With Beauty hanging copper hats

Need a simple and chic way to hang your hats? How about a copper hat holder? All you need for this project is a copper pipe, scissors, pegs and rope. Thread the rope through the pipe so you can hang it. Then cut a few matching pieces of rope and tie them onto the pipe. Use pegs to attach the hats once the hat holder is mounted on the wall or ceiling.{found on apairandasparediy}.

Minimalist DIY Projects Packed With Beauty bedside table lighting

A minimalist bedroom is often very relaxing and serene, especially if it has proper lighting. So if you can’t find adequate sconces or pendant lamps, make your own lighting fixtures. These lamps also feature complementary beside tables. To make them you need lightbulb sockets, electrical cable, shelf brackets, wooden shelves, spray-on varnish, insulation tape, wall plugs, wood screws and copper pipes.{found on elle}.

Minimalist DIY Projects Packed With Beauty DIY Rope Magazine Holder Project

Having magazines scattered all over the place doesn’t look that great, especially if you prefer a minimalist and well-organized décor. To make a simple magazine holder using rope, air dry clay, a key ring, a picture hook and a skewer or chop stick. Make two balls of clay. Then roll one into a cylinder. Using the skewer, poke a hole through the length of the cylinder. When you remove it, there should be a hole big enough for the rope to run through. Repeat the process to obtain two of these cylinder and let the clay harden for 24 hours. Thread the rope through the cylinders and let them dangle at the ends. Then attach the magazine holder to a wall.

Minimalist DIY Projects Packed With Beauty minimalist candle votives

Make some cute little candle votives for your tealights. You need powder plaster, a plastic container for mixing, a silicone square mold, acrylic paint and a paintbrush. Make the plaster mixture and pour it into the mold. After 2-3 minutes and place the metal shells from the candles in each square. Add coins to weigh them down. Let the plaster harden for at least an hour and remove it from the mold. Let the votives dry and paint their bottoms.{found on papernstitchblog}.

Minimalist DIY Projects Packed With Beauty minimalist paper napkin

A minimalist table setting requires everything to be just right. Here’s how you can make customized paper napkin and utensil holders. Make a word document and customize it however you want. A few lines on the upper side would do just fine. You can leave room for stamping or just print out the text as well. Then fold the paper according to the instructions.{found on abirdsleap}.

Minimalist DIY Projects Packed With Beauty magnetic wood frame

Another simple DIY project would be a magnetic wood frame. To make it, you need four wooden paint stir sticks, an adhesive magnetic sheet, a drill, twine or string, scissors and an art piece of your choice. Then the length of the sticks onto the sheet four times and cut them out. Stick them onto the dowels/ sticks. Take a pair of sticks and line them up. Drill a hole through the wood. Place the top edge of the poster in between and run some twine through the holes and tie it securely. Repeat for the bottom edge.{found on cafecraftea}.

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