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Top 10 Favorite Ikea Kitchen Hacks

By Simona Ganea

Top 10 Favorite Ikea Kitchen Hacks hacking the kitchen for more space

Of all the wonderful Ikea hacks we’ve gathered throughout the years, some of them made their way into our favorites list. All the Ikea kitchen island designs we showed you definitely inspired lots of DIYers. And let’s not forget about the drop leaf dining table designs that turned out to be great space savers or all the ingenious ways in which you can hack Ikea spice racks.Some of those and several others have been included here.

For small kitchens, a tiny kitchen island is the perfect addition and what better way to make one than by transforming an Ikea Bekvam kitchen cart. The whole project is fairly simple actually. Just paint the cart, add a countertop and a towel rod and that’s all.{found on oliverandrust}.

Not satisfied with your old dining table? Perhaps you could improve its looks and make it less bulky. First, remove the legs and the trim around the top (we’re talking about an Ikea Jokkmokk table). Then sand the table and, finally, attach hairpin legs instead of the old ones.{found on acutedesigns}.

Top 10 Favorite Ikea Kitchen Hacks expedit rolling kitchen island

How about turning an Expedit into a beautiful kitchen island that you can customize however you want? This one even has cutouts in the countertop to easily throw away garbage in the bin down below. It’s just a matter of creativity. The island also has wheels so it’s easy to move around.{found on ikeahackers}.

Top 10 Favorite Ikea Kitchen Hacks open shelves with Bracket from ikea

Open shelves are very practical in the kitchen and if you don’t have any perhaps you should make some. You can use some of these Ikea brackets that have a finish which will most likely match your appliances. Attach them to wooden boards and make those shelves you wanted.{found on lemonthistle}.

Top 10 Favorite Ikea Kitchen Hacks ikea forjoha kitchen cart hack

These Ikea kitchen carts are really versatile and easy to customize so you can use them to add a splash of color to your kitchen and to also maximize your storage. First disassemble the cart, sand it, stain the top with three coats of dark walnut stain, apply primer on the frame, shelves and drawers and then apply paint. Once all the parts are dry, reassemble the cart.{found on nikoosphotos}.

Top 10 Favorite Ikea Kitchen Hacks bar cart ikea hack

A simple Ikea Kallax bookshelf can become a beautiful bar cart for your kitchen. After you’ve assembled it, install casters. Then measure and mark where you’d want the handles places. Drill the holes, attach the handles and enjoy.{found on sugarandcloth}.

Top 10 Favorite Ikea Kitchen Hacks Dalfred bar stools

The Dalfred bar stools from Ikea are really popular but sometimes they just don’t have the ideal look for your kitchen. That’s when your DIY ingenuity can save the day. Use gold spray paint to give the stools an elegant and glamorous look. Use tape to mark the areas you want painted. You can do the hardware too if you’re patient.{found on krysmelo}.

Top 10 Favorite Ikea Kitchen Hacks Bibba picture ledges from Ikea

Keep all your spices organized in labeled jars and display them all on the kitchen wall. Once you’ve labeled all your jars and filled them with spices, get two Bibba picture ledges from Ikea and attach them to a wall in the kitchen. Then you can place the spice jars and keep them organized.{found on recipris}.

Top 10 Favorite Ikea Kitchen Hacks ikea knuff door holder

Maximize the storage capacity of your kitchen cabinets, especially the one under the sink, with Ikea Knuff magazine holders. Simply attach one to the interior of the cabinet door and you can use it to store all sorts of supplies.{found on apartmentapothecary}.

Top 10 Favorite Ikea Kitchen Hacks expedit kitchen storage and counter

Top 10 Favorite Ikea Kitchen Hacks expedit kitchen storage and counter1

If you want, there are also other more complex projects you can try. For example, make a storage unit that also has table extension you can use as a prep area or as a bar. The main piece you’ll use is an Expedit bookshelf. Add the pull-out countertop, the handles and some doors for some of the storage cubbies if you’d rather hide the mess inside.{found on ikeahackers}.

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