When Clouds Sneak Into Our Homes – Bright Décor Ideas

By Simona Ganea

When you lay eyes on these beautiful decorations you’ll be happy to see clouds on a sunny day because these don’t bring you down. Actually, they’re meant to cheer you up. Who thought clouds could be so stylish?

Cloud-shaped or cloud-inspired pendant lights and chandeliers are among the first things that come to mind when this subject is in discussion. The Link pendant lamp by Ray Power is a beautiful example. Its intertwined silhouette offers it a sophisticated yet simple look.

But perhaps the most famous such light fixture is The Cloud lamp by Richard Clarkson. This fixture can simulate a thunderstorm right there in your living room or bedroom, with light effects and everything. The lamp even has a speaker.{found on 6sqft}.

Other cloudy decorations and accent pieces you can use in your own include these cute cloud-shaped shelves which would look lovely in the kids’ room, the nursery but also in your living area if you think they complement the décor.{found on limmaland}.

There’s not a lot you can do on a cloudy day except maybe spend your time reading a good book. For some reason, clouds make reading more relaxing. So what if you were to decorate your reading corner with some puffy hanging clouds?{found on projectnursery}.

And speaking of puffy clouds, how about a cloud-shaped area rug? You can put it in your living area under the coffee table or you can let the kids play on it in their room. Since the rug is so cozy, it would also be a perfect fit for the master bedroom as well.{found on aupaysdescactus}.

Cloud-shaped accent pillows can be really versatile. You can even make them yourself and all you need is some fabric, something to fill the pillow with and a zipper if you find it necessary. Use any type of fabric you want and you can even use prints. Then you can use the pillows however you want.{found on momsbestnetwork, onemoremushroom and itssimplymax}.

And there’s no reason why you should keep these cute things on the beds and sofas when you can also use them as wall decorations. If you’re great at sewing, try making some miniature pillow clouds. make them neutral or use fabric scraps with a fun pattern. It’s just another way to create fun, playful texture on the walls or in a corner.

These lovely thin clouds are a form of wall art and they look beautiful here above the bed. This is something you can make yourself out of cardboard for example.{found on rikkisnyder}.

Another basic form of interior décor is artwork. And since clouds are so serene and beautiful, they’d look really great on a wall in the dining room, bedroom or any other space. For more impressive visual effects, choose an oversized painting.{found on yamamardesign}.

If you want to add an artistic touch to the room in a different way, an option is to have cloud murals. It’s a really cute idea for the nursery room but it can also be adapted for other spaces as well.{found on purvipadia}.

Similarly, the ceiling can be painted or wallpapered to feature beautiful clouds. Again, the idea is versatile. You can let the clouds slowly envelop the upper portion of the walls as well for a smooth transition or you can use this idea on tray ceilings.{found on sklardesign and bostondesignandinteriors}.

The colors you use can vary. A cloudy ceiling can feature a variety of shades, from the usual and white combination to other more fantasy-like combos including shades or purple and even black.{found on blisshta and emc2interiors}.

For the nursery, there are lots of cute ways in which you can use clouds. For example, make a cloud mobile or use a large branch attached to a wall and hang fabric rainy clouds from it. You can also make a rainy cloud to display on one of the walls.{found on enthusiasts and nicolejoelle}.

And who can resist adding a little bit of rainy flair to their own bedroom? All you need is a bit of construction paper and string to make this happen. Hang it up in the corner of the room with some fishing line for an easy, floating piece of flair.{found on sideoatsandscribbles}.

All you need for this masterpiece are some ribbons and fabric scraps. Mix and match patterns, prints and colors for a funky piece of nursery decor or craft room inspiration!

Just like a pop-up book, make some fun, interactive piece of art with some pop offs. Make them out of any materials you please, it’s that easy to do! You can make a few clouds and also an umbrella or some other decorations.

Or, if you’re really creative and have a bit of extra time, try you hand at some 3-D art. Start with wood blocks, cut out the right shapes, paint and go! A really great idea which involves the ceiling, the wall as well as the floor.

For the bedroom, create a scene on the wall, with some twinkle lights. Use them as your “rain,” create a cloud with some material and not only have you got an accent wall but you’ve got a beautiful headboard too!

For something a bit more kid-friendly and soft, why not use some felt and fishing line? It creates a lovely “floating in the room” feel that’s a bit whimsy and fairy-tale like. Perfect for a playroom or child’s bedroom.

Apply the idea to string and nail art. Outline the shape of a cloud and a few raindrops and use any colors you like. It’s a really simple project and the result is a decoration you can use in any room of the house.

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