Discover The New Infinite Aura Collection By Swarovski

Discover The New Infinite Aura Collection By Swarovski ⇒ If you love beauty and being surrounded by exquisite luxury goods, then you’ll love the new pieces by Swarovski Lighting, a brand that’ well known worldwide, that now releases the new Infinite Aura Collection.


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Swarovski Lighting just revealed a sparkling new Swarovski and Schonbek lighting creations for 2018. The Infinite Aura Collection brings brilliance, luxury, and precision to the lighting experience by enabling the user to showcase the chandelier as a work of art through customized light patterns that send a never-ending reflection into infinity and create an illusion of untold beauty.


Discover The New Infinite Aura Collection By Swarovski


The Infinite Aura is a lighting experience like no other, inviting you into a world of wonder between reality and illusion. Combining exquisite craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and innovative design, the collection conjures a vision of infinity that celebrates the human imagination and eclipses the ordinary limits of the mind. The LEDs can be dimmed to an impressive 1% and the light temperature can be controlled across the collection from 2700 Kelvin up to 6500 Kelvin. Once users have discovered their personal preferences, they can save their customized setting and recreate their authentic environment each time they switch on the light.


Discover The New Infinite Aura Collection By Swarovski


Ready for infinite control? With the touch of a button on the bespoke Swarovski app “Infinite Control”, Infinite Aura effortlessly attunes to your mood and complements your everyday life. From radiant rays to a dim glimmer, the collection encapsulates the art of light and crystal with pre-programmed and customizable moods and effects that find harmony through a unique technology inspired by nature. Infinite Aura was born from the partnership between Swarovski Lighting established and IDEO, an award-winning, global design and innovation consultancy. For three weeks, the two companies joined forces to reimagine the chandelier in new and surprising ways. During the process, they began to focus on how to bring emotion and relevance to everyday lighting for the consumer, both in terms of a lighting fixture and technology.


Discover The New Infinite Aura Collection By Swarovski


They were especially curious about new form factors, different light effects, and how technology could integrate into the chandelier in a way that could be meaningful to consumers without competing with pure technology products and brands. Deeply faceted crystal pieces were incorporated into the fixture in a way that epitomizes Swarovski’s “Mastery of Light + Crystal” by precisely curating and owning a specific light spectrum that suits the consumer lifestyle and creates holistic, impeccable lighting experiences over moments throughout a day. Because of crystal’s refraction and play against LED, light is used in an entirely new way, moving from a linear, manually activated spectrum to a non-linear user journey through the development of the Swarovski Infinite Control App.


Discover The New Infinite Aura Collection By Swarovski


The consumer controls light to be more relevant to their mood, environment and space, finding harmony through a unique technology inspired by nature. Don’t miss the chance to get your hands on the Infinite Aura Collection.






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