5 Essentials For A Magical Kid's Bedroom

5 Essentials For A Magical Kid’s Bedroom

5 Essentials For A Magic Kid’s Bedroom ⇒ Your children’s bedroom is obviously one of the holy grails of your home. Their happiness is definitely your happiness, and there’s nothing more heartwarming than the shine on your children’s eyes. That said, Interior Design Blogs brings you the ultimate 5 essentials for you to create the most perfect bedroom, so your child could make memories!


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   1. Magical Mirror

5 Essentials For A Magical Kid's Bedroom

This Magical Mirror will make your child feel like she’s inside a live-action movie about Snow White! Brought to you by Circu, the mirror has a perfect inspiration for this Disney universe, turning into a 22″ screen, to watch every movie.



2. Illusion Table

5 Essentials For A Magical Kid's Bedroom

Also created by Circu, this Illusion table, will bring out the best of your child’s creativity. Including a stool and a chair besides the amazing table, this piece has the perfect touch that your kid was missing, a opportunity to explore the great thoughts that are inside his mind.


3. Diana Floor Lamp

5 Essentials For A Magical Kid's Bedroom

In collaboration with Delightfull, Circu presents the Diana Floor Lamp. This is the perfect lamp to complete the decor of the ultimate dream bedroom. With Mid-Century design, it gives the perfect lighting for your child to play around.


4. Elephant Stool

5 Essentials For A Magical Kid's Bedroom

The Animals Stool Collection is the perfect addition to the magical bedroom you always wanted. Built in wood, and velvet coated, Circu gives you the option to choose a few animals from the animal kingdom, such as a Bird, Shark and an Elephant Stool.


5. Little Mermaid Bed

5 Essentials For A Magical Kid's Bedroom

Last but definitely not the least, we present you the Little Mermaid Bed. Circu’s inspiration on Little Mermaid gives you the most incredible experience of feeling like Princess Ariel, and there’s no better feeling than to be a princess!


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