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Interior Design Trends for 2016

If decorating is one of your New Year’s resolutions for this year you are in the right place! We are going to tell you all the interior design trends for 2016.

  1. The Family Room

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Mix loads of fabrics and gives it a sexy look by putting together different kinds of furniture! It is a place for you to be comfortable but it also has to be presentable for your guest, of course!

2. Join some monthly clubs

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You will have the decor options at your door, every month! Can you imagine how wonderful is this? Pick one of our selected options:

Sustainably grown, artful floral arrangements of your choice (we’re partial to the ranunculus). From $40 a month

Brands in this Berlin-based beauty-by-mail service: Everyone from La Prairie and Bulgari to Essie. $21 a month

Expect tagines from Tunisia and Oaxacan baskets are among the goods in these ethically sourced care packages. From $30 a month


3. Boutique Showrooms

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Indie upstarts are the newest sources for designer textiles. Supply, a treasure-filled 1930s bungalow in Austin, Texas, helmed by New York expats, is the latest.

4. Bed Linens With Pizzazz

interior design blogs interior design trends for 2016 bed linens bedroom

This year the patterns are going to rule bed linens, the creator of this novelty is Bailey McCarthy’s Biscuit, which puts dozens of covetable patterns in play — all made in the U.S. of A. Boudoir shams & Cotton Sateen. $60 each

5. Pretty Pendants

interior design blogs interior design trends for 2016 delightfull 4

Want to have the best selection of chandeliers in your home? This selection is by Delightfull, go check out the amazing design pieces they have. Also: yes, this is a trend because one of those statement pieces just fulfill a home decoration!

  1. BOTTI PENDANT LAMP – resembles an Orchestra, embodies all the details of wind instruments. The piece made in brass takes us on a journey deep into a music concert, you can almost hear the jazz notes
  2. MATHENY SUSPENSION LIGHT – Ideal for a classic living room with a modern touch, Matheny Stil Novo suspension lamp came to reinvent classic designs with a high aesthetic feeling.
  3. SINATRA SUSPENSION LIGHT – A sculptural and versatile creation which is suitable for the most demanding setting. Its structure is handmade in brass and the lampshades in aluminum with the possibility of having 1 to 5 moveable arms.

7. Return to the office and to your desk

interior design blogs interior design trends for 2016 desk home office

The honeymoon period for working on your laptop in bed is officially over. In 2016, we’re reserving the bedroom for more important things. New styles of the once-humble desk are downright Beyoncé’d (case in point, this office designed by Sam Allen). We’ve previewed dozens of high-gloss, high-power versions, all ready to help you make this year your most productive yet.

Here you have an inspirational video about the interior design trends for 2016. Be inspired!


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