Kartell Talking Minds at Salone del Mobile 2016

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Kartell Talking Minds was the theme of Kartell at Salone del Mobile this year and with a spectacular stand in collaboration with amazing designers. Kartell was there with their philosophy of representing different ways of thinking and planning – with stories told by the voices of the stars of this Salone del Mobile themselves. The display had 11 micro-environments, each one dedicated to a specific designer and Coveted team (Interior Design Blogs media partner) made a tour through all the stand with the CEO Claudio Luti. The Kartell Talking Minds was a proud accomplishment to Claudio Luti who believes that these products will sell all over the world.


Antonio Citterio, Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni, Alberto Meda, Alessandro Mendini, Fabio Novembre, Eugeni Quitllet, Philippe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, Tokujin Yoshioka were the great team of designers that Kartell got together for this edition of Salone del Mobile. Kartell is also presenting the new Kartell Kids line. Within each “room” the very latest products were shown accompanied by the voices of those who designed them, “Kartell Talking Minds”.

Kartell Talking Minds at Salone del Mobile 2016

Kartell brought innovative design and offered an incredible amount of designer pieces that anyone that was in the fair should have visited. This company is a tribute to diversity and the exchange of ideas, with a catalogue that encompasses everything from furniture to lighting, tables, fragrances, soft furnishings, bathwater, and even fashion accessories, as well as a new kids’ line. Thanks to its collaborations with leading designers from all over the world, each Kartell product exudes the brand’s DNA while at the same time clearly reflecting the designer’s creativity.

Kartell Talking Minds at Salone del Mobile 2016

The theme of the stand was “Talking Minds” of the creators who helped make Kartell’s modern vision of living tangible and concrete through their products. Getting back to basics, to deep thought, to brewing up design projects.

Interior Design Blogs shows you some of the designers that had their products displayed at the Kartell stand.

Kartell Talking Minds at Salone del Mobile 2016

Ferruccio Laviani

After years of collaboration with Kartell, I’m always amazed to see how exciting it is to work with plastic, capable of a versatility and expressiveness we designers have to discover and interpret. If I think this is the same material with which Anna Castelli Ferrieri has designed her Componibili and the same material we are using today to produce my Kabuki lamp, I realize how many technological and formal opportunities this material still has to reveal in the form of inspiring new objects for people to fall in love with.


Kartell Talking Minds at Salone del Mobile 2016

Piero Lissoni

Kartell is highly specialised when it comes to changing scale. The concept of changing scale is not simply about moving from big to small or vice versa. It is about the versatility of offering a vast range of objects, from the everyday essentials (seats, stools, sofas, furniture) to collections of tableware, shoes, bags, and even toys. “This year I found myself working on projects that were completely different to one another, from a system of sofas (Largo) to a hyper-technological, industrial and incredibly lightweight chair (Piuma), a line of jugs and glasses (Tynn), and a new idea for Kartell Kids. It ranged from macro to micro, from the serious to the amusing… But remained within the same philosophy of quality industrial design.” Piero Lissoni

Kartell Talking Minds at Salone del Mobile 2016

Alessandro Mendini

Kartell’s attitude towards interpreting and using plastics is unconventional and almost miraculous: it manages to make objects “self-luminous”. It is a kind of sense of luxury made available to the masses. This is incredibly valuable. I made this Chinese-style stool, the traditional ceramic Chinese stool, featuring a pattern in homage to Roy Lichtenstein with the dots from his paintings.

Kartell Talking Minds at Salone del Mobile 2016

Eugeni Quitllet

This is the fruit of the most sophisticated technology and the most poetic and refined aesthetics. We worked with Kartell to design a chair that defied the laws of gravity, was a marvel of beauty and incorporated the most cutting-edge industrial processes. The results are the Dream’Air. This graceful yet technological chair is a new way of looking at the design, that is both ultra-modern and timeless. An enduring classic. Thanks to Kartell’s continual research and technological innovation in the fields of materials and processes, we were able to beautifully float dreams on the air.

Kartell Talking Minds at Salone del Mobile 2016

Patricia Urquiola

The lengthy relationship I have established with Kartell for the Jellies Family tableware project has brought to life another new collection. It is the result of continuing research into materials and applications within the tableware universe. It led to us conceiving the idea of a new line in which tables could be dressed differently by applying forms, effects and aesthetics from other worlds and materials to plastics. Its name is Trama, meaning a story, something tactile – which is also important in this collection – and something more geometric, sharper and stricter.

Kartell Talking Minds at Salone del Mobile 2016 Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck

“Generics” are things that we no longer see because they have become hidden or so integrated into our lives, our culture, that we have almost forgotten they exist. We need things that no longer speak, in other words, things that exist, nothing more. Being, being, and no longer speaking. But also a bit of comfort and a bit of tenderness.

Kartell Talking Minds at Salone del Mobile 2016

Fabio Novembre

Ever since I was a student I have been taught to design for others but this time I failed: this lamp is for me. Towards the middle of my life, I too became lost and felt the need for an object that would light the way. A lantern, just like the old-fashioned ones: simple, long-lasting and sturdy. An object that would accompany me on my wanderings, a light to follow in the dark. Every personal story reflects a shared feeling. It would be wonderful if this little lamp could serve to scatter the shadows and find a way out. Let’s get back on track, because there is a long road ahead.

Kartell Talking Minds at Salone del Mobile 2016 Kartell Talking Minds at Salone del Mobile 2016

Kartell Kids, Claudio Luti

Kartell has always been linked to childhood experiences, with concepts that revolve around the themes of exploration, research, and innovation. In fact, our products are by nature fun, playful and exciting. For this reason, I wanted to launch a new chapter in Kartell’s story and create a new line dedicated to a market segment that we hadn’t explored yet.


Our media partner had an amazing time on Kartell Talking Minds stand and they are excited to see Kartell once again at Maison et Objet September!

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Source: Coveted Magazine

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