LUMIO |The light of the most Innovative Companies

By Roxanna Ortega


Start as a Kickstarter project in 2013, and know is the “Top 10 Most Innovative Crowdfunded Companies” by Entrepreneur magazine, the man behind all this is Max Gunawan.

Gunawan spent 10 years as an architect before launching Lumio, a portable light that folds up just like a book. When open, it becomes illuminated from inside. Is the first product from a studio dedicated to helping people live large with less. They create modern lighting systems with the simple goal of giving people the freedom to experience beautiful lighting wherever they are.


The Lumio brand is focused on multi-functional, everyday objects that are simple, intuitive and beautiful. The work, employs minimal and clean-line design, and centers around optimizing the use of small spaces.

Max has been covered by numerous publications from the Wall Street Journal to the SF Chronicle, and recently spoke at TEDx conference. Born in Jakarta, Max is currently based in San Francisco.


See the conference for TEDx: “Having more, using less”


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