50 Luxury Center Tables You Should Look Out For



50 Luxury Center Tables is the today´s subject! The classic center table is no longer the only option for decorating a living room in modern times. Recently, center tables have adopted distinctive shapes and patterns that, combined with novel materials and unconventional forms, give the living area a totally distinctive appearance.



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50 Luxury Center Tables


We’ll take you on a tour of 50 exquisite luxury center tables in this article that have captured our attention. These tables range from timeless classics to cutting-edge contemporary designs and feature the best materials and craftsmanship, making them essential items on the wish list of every discerning homeowner.




Diamond Center Table


50 Luxury Center Tables


The Diamond Center Table, which is anticipated to be the crowning achievement of the Portuguese company Boca do Lobo, is unquestionably befitting of its moniker as a reflection of the knowledge and soul of the furniture jeweler. This lavish item has two exquisitely carved doors that open to reveal a gold-lined interior with shelves and two drawers. It is full of resources and desire. This design draws inspiration from the romantic era’s gothic furniture because it may tap into the power of imagination, foresight, and escape without losing sight of its distinctive character.


Algerone Set II Center Table



The Algerone Set II Center Table displays the strength and grace of Statuario marble combined with the charm of glossy Eucalyptus Frisé Veneer. Comprising two center tables that seamlessly blend into each other, this design piece features outstanding craftsmanship that will transform any living space.


Fortuna Patina Center Table



The Fortuna is a modern center table appropriate for any opulent environment, boasting an original design approach and a sophisticated statement to the world’s most prominent brains. The Fortuna, which embodies sexiness, refinement, and mysticism, has a unique gilded brass finish for opulent settings. An attractive statement piece that uses meticulous welding processes, the richest design inspired by nature, and a top that is painstakingly etched to resemble the outline of log rings.


Luray Center Table



The Luray Caverns, in Shenandoah Valley, are known for their unique and amazing beauty. The Luray Center Table pays tribute to the stalactites found inside. With a structure in brushed brass matte and tabletops in glossy palisander veneer and bronze glass, this modern coffee table is going to be the centre of attention in your modern living room design.



Tacca Center Table




Pietro Tacca was a sculptor whose monuments served as homages to medals and winnings from battle. Tacca Center Table was created to be an everlasting statue and has a top made of white Carrara marble. Any living room arrangement will feel more accomplished with this center table made of white marble.




Koi Center Table



Japanese culture frequently uses the Koi Carp as a symbol and values it much for ornamental purposes. Its natural color changes demonstrate its adaptability, just like the Koi Center Table Set, which features glass or marble tops so you can customize it to better match your decor. The center of attention in any area will be this contemporary center table, which features a top made of bronze glass and a base made of brushed aged brass.


Lallan Center Table



The Scottish Lowlands are known as the Lallans, which also refers to the blending, integrating, and combining of several Scots dialects. Palisander veneer, black lacquer, polished brass, and antique brass are the four various materials and finishes used in the Lallan Rectangular Center Table. The Lallan Rectangular Wooden Center Table is made up of all these elements that come together and work in perfect harmony.


Shinto Rectangle Center Table



A shrine in the Shinto religion is a building whose principal function is to house or “enshrine” one or more gods (kami). The safekeeping of religious things is done in its most significant room. The Shinto Rectangle Center Table will protect anything you place on it and add a touch of luxury to any modern or traditional design set. It was built with an ash wood veneer white tabletop and a gloss black lacquered structure.


Eden Center Table



This statement design item, created by experienced craftsmen using the age-old polished cast brass process, combines elements of natural design with tenacious welding techniques. A golden tree’s heart is revealed by a manually etched top with bold details and delicate lines. The base is sinuous and gold-plated, and it has withstood the test of time. The exceptional and well-loved Eden coffee table blends with both modern and contemporary design aesthetics. It is also available as a set of two center tables to fit any space in need of exceptional craftsmanship and iconic design.



Empire Set II Center Table




The Empire Center Table Set II was inspired by the distinctive lines of the Empire Collection. This spectacular and opulent set is a three-piece modular round table constructed of Nero Marquina marble and gold-plated metal. The exceptional ability to center any ambiance belongs to the style that combines contemporary design with antique lines.





Anjelica Coffee Table



Anjelica Coffee Table is a modern nesting coffee table featuring two drawers that, apart from its undeniable modern elegance allure, is also a functional piece with extra surface and storage. The table tops and base are made of marble and the structure of carved ash wood. Polished brass details and velvet inside the drawers confer a luxurious look to this set.


Monet Center Table




Depicting nature in an innovative way, the Water Lillies series are gently brought to life in an elegant coffee table with gold surface made from cast brass with a unique textured finish. Featuring both contrasting shapes and materials, as the unconventional compositions of the artist, the contemporary coffee table is supported by a geometric acrylic base, allowing to capture natural light. An immersive exceptional objet, the Monet center table is perfect for cutting-edge living rooms.


Lapiaz Center Table




Lapiaz Center Table takes exceptional craftsmanship and design to a new realm. A functional artwork conceived in three modules for unexpected combinations. Its organic features are achieved through the manual fitting of the polished brass sheet, and a sharp exterior finished in glossy black lacquer. The hammered brass details convey both dynamics and elegance to bring a new contemporary verve into refined interiors. Finding beauty in the most unexpected places, this contemporary coffee table is inspired by authentic karst formations created by surface dissolution, freezing, or thawing of dolomite rocks. Born from cold and freshly cracked to showing off the world rich, golden interior.


Caprice Center Table




The Caprice center table is a luxurious addition to its family of center tables that honors excess and joie de vivre. Its modern style stands out in any area, whether it’s a room, home décor undertaking, or opulent hotel lounge. With this magnificent centerpiece, enjoy the ‘caprice’ of life.




Gere Coffee Table




A vital piece for any contemporary living area, the Gere Coffee Table is a marble coffee table with a beautiful modern design. The set comprises of three center tables made of solid White Vogue Estremoz and Nero Marquina marble that come in various heights and may be bought together or separately.


Antigua Center Table



The mountains that surround the Guatemalan coffee plantation in Antigua City served as the inspiration for the circular curves and round design of this simple center table. The location of the modular components for this item was inspired by the height of the mountains reaching the skies and emerging from the plains where some of the best coffee beans in the world are cultivated. The Antigua center table, which has a carrara marble top and a circular walnut body, not only offers a flexible decorating assembly but also a fine inox dark bronze strip that gives it a contemporary look.


Eden Series Center Table




The Eden Series Center Table, created by expert craftsmen using the age-old method of polished cast brass, combines nature-inspired design with tenacious welding processes. Each piece is manually put together, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance. A golden tree’s heart is revealed by a manually etched top with bold details and delicate lines. The base is sinuous and gold-plated, and it has withstood the test of time. For surprising combinations, it is offered in sets of 7, 8, or 14 pieces, each with a varied height.


Mayer Center Table




The Mayer Center Table is the pinnacle of opulent living. With its stainless steel and Carrara marble construction, this center table elegantly completes any setting. It emanates opulence and style whether it is positioned indoors or in a sitting area outside.


Navarra Center Table




The Navarra Center Table’s style encapsulates the distinct warmth of Spain and the best craftsmanship. The eyes are drawn to the top of this table, which is framed by brass, by the rich color background contrasted by both broad and thin veins. The Navarra coffee table, which draws design cues from its native region, adds a touch of elegance to your home’s interior design. A top organic marble surface piece is what connects two square marble modules to form this modern center table. The base is made of cast brass. A unique design element and refined option for luxurious home decor.


Kayan Center Table




From rectangular pieces of dark wood, center tables have changed significantly. The beautiful yet editorially designed Kayan tall center table will freshen up the decor of any home. The Kayan table highlights the natural beauty of its premium materials with a conical construction and a round granite table top.




Metamorphosis Center Table




The massive popularity of the Metamorphosis Series inspired the development of another original design, the Metamorphosis Center Table. The painstaking artistic process behind the Metamorphosis Coffee Table results in new surprising design elements and magnificent finishes, much like the dramatic alteration and abrupt change in the animal’s body composition. The coffee table is made up of two pieces that are completed in magnificent marble and mirror and enhanced with golden creatures that are getting ready to undergo their ultimate metamorphosis.



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Lautner Center Table





The Coffee Table Lautner is distinguished by its rounded corners, thick varnished wood, and polished brass accents. This amazing piece of furniture has a strong personality to go along with its distinctive style thanks to its exceptional minimalistic design with a modern twist. Overall, Lautner is the focal point your interior design project was missing.





Craig Center Table




The Craig Center Table is the ideal focal point for your project for a living room because of its unwavering retro style and powerful opulent presence. This special piece adds a lovely modern touch to the overall aesthetic with its invigorating streamlined appearance. This piece is more than just a basic center table; it makes a statement about design and may transform your living space from ordinary to elegant.


Newson Center Table




Due to its gorgeous black smoked glass top, which highlights its vintage design twist and stunning metalwork, Newson, a low coffee table in the mid-century style, is ready to set the tone in your interior design. Newson is (also) the ideal for either classic or modern design projects due to its high-quality finishes, despite having the characteristic mid-century modern twist.


Francis Scott Center Table




The Francis Scott center table is a rare mid-century modern object that is both simple and elegant and brings out the finest in minimalist design in a distinctive way. Its design revolves around a custom metal blade that encircles the lovely travertine and provides the support required to create a fashionable and useful piece. Center tables can be utilized to unify diverse design components in a space and improve its aesthetic appeal. They go well with the Francis Scott side tables.



Lurhmann Center Table




Lurhmann is the ideal statement piece for your living room or lounge space thanks to its wonderful retro style and powerfully opulent presence. This exceptional item, which has a bold, invigorating appearance, gives the entire ensemble a lovely, contemporary feel!


Philip Long Center Table




The stunning Philip Long Center Table has a geometric design and is constructed completely of wood and meticulously polished stone. The center tables’ natural beauty is emphasized by the smooth, organic curves of the legs, which support the circular table top. This item combines exceptional design with handcrafted perfection.


Empire Set III Center Table



The iconic lines of the Empire Collection have inspired yet another creation, the Empire Center Table Set III. Portraying the same extravagant lines as the Empire collection, this modular three-piece round table is made with brass and marble. Full of refinement and style, this is a combination of classic and modern design, perfect for every interior setting, be it a living room design or even a luxury bedroom.



Algerone Set Center Table




Another design set appropriate for opulent settings, like a living room or a home theater, was inspired by the architectural attractiveness of the Algerone family. A larger and a smaller center table are included in the Algerone Set Center Table, which offers the finest marble appearance. Leather, glass, and brass accents are also included in this stylish set to complete it.





Latza Center Table




Our designers were inspired to build the Latza Center Table by the stone pyramid known as Latza, which is located on the shore of Lake Baikal. This walnut center table will look stunning in any setting thanks to its matte-varnished top made of walnut root veneer and its matte-hammered brushed aged brass accents.








Wave Center Table




The Wave Center Table is an eye-catching design that was inspired by the coastal rock formations that waves have carved through thousands of years of carefully timed impact. This modern coffee table, which is made of wood and covered in either manually hammered copper or brass, employs meticulous metalworking processes that put our artists’ skills to the test. The top joins a black mirror shell that simulates the buildup of water. A high gloss varnish is used to finish a black lacquered base. a classy center table that gives even the most opulent spaces a classic feel. Wave is offered as a pair of center tables with two distinct shapes that look well in both contemporary living rooms and sitting rooms.





Serengeti Coffee Table


The center table designs of Christopher Guy are famous for their class and sophistication. The Serengeti center table, which is renowned for its elegant and classic designs, features a distinctively carved wood base and an exquisitely crafted glass top.



Orion Coffee Table



Fendi Casa, a division of the Italian fashion business Fendi, sells opulent center tables and other luxury furniture. Furniture from Fendi Casa frequently features their recognizable trademarks and motifs. The Orion Coffee Table might have a glass top and a lacquered frame with their FF emblem imprinted on them.



Calder Coffee Table






Minotti is an Italian brand known for its contemporary and minimalist design approach, including center tables. Minotti’s Calder Coffee Table is characterized by its minimalist design, often featuring a metal frame and a thin, elegant tabletop.



Asterias Coffee Table



French company Roche Bobois is well-known for its innovative and avant-garde furniture designs, which include center tables. A sculptural, asymmetrical base made of materials like metal or acrylic may be present on the Asterias coffee table.



Milling Road Cocktail Table




American company Baker Furniture has a long history of producing high-end furniture, especially center tables. The Milling Road Cocktail Table could have an ornate, conventional wood design.



D.555.1 Coffee Table



An Italian company named Molteni & C is renowned for its chic and contemporary furniture, which includes center tables. The D.555.1 Coffee Table may have a top made of stone or glass and a straightforward yet attractive metal frame.


John-John Coffee Table



Poltrona Frau is an Italian brand known for its high-quality leather furniture, including center tables. The John-John Coffee Table might have a leather-wrapped base with a glass or marble top.



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