Salone del Mobile: 2023 Milan Furniture Fair

The Salone del Mobile in Milan, is an annual event that attracts furniture and design enthusiasts from all over the world. This trade fair, which is held in Milan, Italy, has a long history dating back to the 1960s and has grown to become one of the most important and prestigious events in the furniture and design industries.

Milan Furniture Fair

The history of the Salone del Mobile. Milano was established in 1961 by a group of Italian furniture manufacturers who decided to exhibit their wares at the Milan Fairgrounds. Since then, the fair has grown in size and stature, attracting over 300,000 visitors from 165 countries.  

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The Salone del Mobile events cover a net area of nearly 210,000 square meters at the Rho Fiera Milano fairgrounds each year, showcasing over 2,300 of the world’s most dynamic and creative companies. The Milan Salone del Mobile is more than just a trade show. It is dedicated to design, creativity, and innovation. Exhibits, installations, and events showcase the most recent trends and innovations in the furniture and design industries.

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Design, Innovation and Furniture

With hundreds of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, the Salone del Mobile is a showcase for the latest trends and innovations in furniture and design, as well as a platform for emerging designers and manufacturers to gain exposure and recognition.

milan furniture fair

Milan Furniture Fair: An Unmissable Appointment For This Sector

Every year, over 370,000 professional visitors attend the Salone del Mobile, with just under 70% coming from 188 other countries, as well as over 5,000 national and international journalists and approximately 27,500 members of the general public. This Milan Furniture Fair is an industry must-attend. Not to mention the side events, which are always curated by leading international artists and designers, because the Salone is synonymous with more than just business, but also with culture.  



Salone del Mobile Milano: The Internationalization

The Salone del Mobile is a trade show in Milan. Milano is more than just an exhibition of Italian furniture and design. It’s a global event with exhibitors and attendees from all over the world. In recent years, there has been a particular emphasis on showcasing the work of emerging market designers and manufacturers from Asia, South America, and Africa.

The Fair is significant because it establishes trends for the furniture and design industries for the coming year. Many of the fair’s featured products and designs go on to become best-sellers and industry standards.

A Fresh Change For The Milan Furniture Fair

The Manifesto, a declaration of intent aimed at channeling the forces that work together in Milan into preserving the trade fair’s and the city’s leadership roles, putting up a common front within the global market to attract ideas, projects, and resources, was launched in 2018 at Milano, the Milan Furniture Fair.  



The 10 Keywords Of The Manifesto Declaration

The document is organized around ten keywords: emotion, business, quality, design, system, young people, communication, culture, Milan, and ingenuity, highlighting the importance of the Salone del Mobile. Milano’s success is built on the city’s and region’s never-ending industrial network, the quality of designs that imply sustainability, excellence in form and content, the ability to work as a system and train young people, and, most importantly, the extraordinary integrated communication and cultural mechanism that has always characterized the city and its region.  



Enjoy the Fair

In conclusion, the Salone del Mobile is an important event for anyone who is interested in furniture and design. Whether you’re a designer, manufacturer, or buyer, the fair provides a great opportunity to see the latest trends and innovations in the industry, as well as to learn from industry experts and share ideas with other professionals.

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