Alice, Should I Move in with My Boyfriend if I Hate His Taste? — Ask Alice: Advice for Life at Home

By Ask Alice

Dear Alice,

My boyfriend and I are discussing living together. It would be a no-hesitation decision IF there was not this one dilemma: our styles and tastes in home decor are polar opposites. While I prefer a vintage Swedish-mod look, his preferences aren’t compromise-worthy in my book. This includes but is not limited to: artwork from Target, a large John Wayne framed movie poster he adores and yes, he even has a lava lamp (did I mention we’re in our 30s, thus we were not born in 1963?). Alas, he is willing to compromise on almost anything but asks that I do the same in return. But I can’t see compromising on anything of his — beyond a set of bookends and a rock-salt lamp. I just don’t know if I can swallow my pride and stare at John Wayne in my home without leading to resentment. Suggestions?


Girlfriend Blues



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