Our Choices For The Best Interior Designers In The US

Published on: May 22, 2019

Our Choices For The Best Interior Designers In The US ⇒ All the design lovers are constantly looking for the best interior designers in the whole world. From contemporary to mid-century modern, from vintage to minimalistic, today Interior Design Blogs brings you our top 7 best interior designers in the US!


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Our Choices For The Best Interior Designers In The US


Nicknamed the Colour Queen of the US Interior Design Industry, the interior designer is one of the most popular and prestigious North-American contemporary interior designers out there. Even though she’s considered an all-around interior designer,  she tends to favour more modern, elegant and refreshing pieces and colour palates to complete her amazing and well focus design vision!



Our Choices For The Best Interior Designers In The US


This is one of the historical names of North-American and New York’s Interior Design Industry. He founded in 1978, in New York City, the now prestigious Peter Marino Architect PLLC, an internationally acclaimed architecture, planning, and design studio that also has several offices around the United States of America in major cities like Philadelphia or Miami. Marino is recognized worldwide for his stunning and powerful modern contemporary style that can be seen in amazing projects around the world.



Our Choices For The Best Interior Designers In The US


Founded in New York in 1984 by one of the top interior designers and architects of the US, David Rockwell, the interior design studio creates the most extraordinary contract and artistic designs all around the world. With offices in New York, Madrid and Shanghai, this Design Group specializes their professional range in a wide array of work from luxury hospitality, cultural, and healthcare projects, to educational, product, and set design. A masterful example of luxury architecture!



Our Choices For The Best Interior Designers In The US


Jonathan Adler is a potter, designer, and author whose design inspirations have mainly come from the Mid-Century Modern Style! He includes his passion for culture, craftsmanship, and mid-century in every single one of his projects. In addition to designing furniture and product, as well as producing some stellar interior designs, Adler has also collaborated with other luxury brands in the creation of some magical places.



Our Choices For The Best Interior Designers In The US


Cheryl Baker, founder, and lead interior designer at CDB Interiors graduated in design from the University of Texas. The studio is recognized for their signature style which consists of mix our traditional regional heritage with newer cosmopolitan and international elements.  From fabrics to furnishings, each element of our design process reveals their client’s visual story.



Our Choices For The Best Interior Designers In The US


This interior designer is one of the Great Interior Designers of North America! She opened her interior design company in 1988, after over 20 years of working for a decorating studio Parish-Hadley Associates. Since launching her Solo Career, Bunny has also launched a collection of furniture and accessories known as Bunny Williams Home, but it’s in the luxury interior design world that Bunny exceeds expectations and her amazing skills are showcased for everyone to see!



Our Choices For The Best Interior Designers In The US


Established in 1885, HLW is an integrated architecture, design, strategy & planning firm with offices in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, London and Shanghai serving clients around the globe. Their mission at HLW is to question the norm, design with passion, and build what’s next, being the reason they’re some of the best interior designers in the US.



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