Fire Consumes Pier Luigi Nervi’s Palazzo del Lavoro

By Karissa Rosenfield

ADESSO [20.08-21:20] #Torino #incendio in fiamme Palazzo del Lavoro in Corso Unità d’Italia

— Emergenza24 (@Emergenza24) August 20, 2015

Pier Luigi Nervi’s Palazzo del Lavoro (Palace of Labour) in Turin has been devastated by fire. The exhibition hall, originally built for Italia’61, had been undergoing renovations. As La Stampa Turin reports, the fire started on the second floor and is most likely the result of arson. A similar incident happened a few months ago, but was quickly extinguished.

The glass encased Palace of Labour is internally divided by 16 structurally independent steel roofed compartments, each supported by radial branches stemming from 65-foot-high concrete columns.

It is unknown how much damage has been done. Stay tuned for more information.


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