Fuori Salone during Salone Del Mobile

FuoriSalone during Salone Del Mobile

Next month it will happen one of the biggest design & furniture fairs in the world: Salone del Mobile (12-17 April in Milan), it announces the new design year. Fuorisalone during Salone del Mobile (isaloni) is basically a series of events that are part of isaloni, but it works as a off-side fair. Producers, brands and designers exhibit their latest designs to an international audience of professionals. In 2001, Organisation in Design co-founder Margriet Vollenberg was requested by Dutch label Moooi, under the Art Direction of Marcel Wanders, to organise their first presentation at the Salone del Mobile. Since then, the studio has worked with Moooi every year on spectacular stands for Milan.

FuoriSalone during Salone Del Mobile

Salone del Mobile event in Miami – “The Salone del Mobile.Milano made its first appearance in Miami during the Art Basel/Design Miami/ week with an event produced in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development and ICE – Italian Trade Agency.

The project “began” with the Red Skyline installation at the Pérez Art Museum and the Museum Park, which was coloured red for the occasion, and “continued” in the Design District and Coral Gables Italian showrooms in the pursuit of Italian quality contemporary furnishing.”

FuoriSalone during Salone Del Mobile

Salone Satellite 2015


FuoriSalone during Salone Del Mobile

Salone del Mobile 2015

Fuori Salone started spontaneously early in the 1980s through companies working in the furnishing and industrial design sectors. Currently, it is expanding into many related sectors including automotive, technology, telecommunications, art, fashion and food. So it is not a trade show or a fair, it is just a spontaneous gathering of design!

FuoriSalone during Salone Del Mobile

Fuori Salone 2015

The exhibitions at Fuori Salone are organized independetly or refer to StudioLabo which helps and gives assitance organizing the events.

FuoriSalone during Salone Del Mobile

Fuori Salone 2015

This year, Fuorisalone.it is enriched with a new section, a path of reflection and discovery launched two months before the week we are all waiting for, with a mix of enthusiasm, expectation and trepidation. Fuorisalone Magazine will accompany us until the beginning of the Design Week, when – as usual – the live guides and stories of our reporters will enter into play.

Fuori Salone has three most importante locations: Zona Tortona, Brera District and Ventura Lambrate.

Zona Tortona

Zona tortona (Copy)

Zona Tortona 2015


Fuori salone 2015 (Copy)   superdesign show superstudiopiu zona tortona 2015 (Copy)

Superdesign show Superstudiopiu Zona Tortona 2015

This year, as ever, Tortona Design Week will prove an essential focus during the forthcoming Fuorisalone event. Tortona is the district that first brought together the foremost brands in Italian and international design with famous as well as up-and-coming young designers in the impressive spaces of its many former industrial warehouses, incubators that have always made it an eagerly-awaited event, visited by thousands of people.

Tortona Design Week it’s an extraordinary window on the world, as this edition of the Fuorisalone event, as in the past, features a number of international collectives exhibiting in the venues of this creative circuit, launched over ten years ago in the Tortona district.

For more about Zona Tortona and the events happening there during Fuori Salone  visit Fuori Salone website

Brera District


Brera specifically is a quarter organized by the regional marketing project Brera Design Project.

“Brera Design District is a brand. It is a territorial marketing strategy which, by means of a dedicated communications plan, aims to promote excellence and to develop business and real estate in the area, enhancing the district’s cultural supply and appeal, and bringing together tradition and innovation in the broad field of design.”

Visit their website for more information about Fuori Salone, but the events were not revealed.

Ventura Lambrate


ventura lambrate 1 (Copy)
ventura lambrate (Copy)

Fuori Salone 2015: Ventura Lambrate

“The annual Ventura Lambrate has its main focus is on: creativity, newness, content, process and experimentation and offers space to a broad range of renowned individual designers, debuting designers, design studios, design academies, newly graduated talents and small creative labels. With the curation of Ventura Lambrate Organisation in Design challenges the visitors –  professionals and press – with qualitative presentations, changing venues, collective exhibitions concepts, inspiring ideas, creative temporary restaurants and above all: new designs”

For more about Ventura Lambrate projects and some news about Fuori Salone this year go to Ventura projects.

Marcel Wanders Milan 2015 (Copy)

Marcel Wanders Milan 2015 

For everything about the upcoming fair Salone Del Mobile and the spontaneous Fuori Salone don’t miss the blog Milan Design Agenda. Interior Design Blogs will also keep you up to date with all the events of this two amazing design gatherings!

For more inspirations about interior design visit our blog and our inspirational videos on youtube!



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