How To Use Gold Spray Paint In 10 Simple DIY Projects

By Simona Ganea

A little bit of gold spray paint can transform even the most basic and ordinary objects into beautifully ornate items with sophisticated auras but the trick is moderation. There are many ways in which you can use gold spray paint to refresh your favorite items or even make new ones and it’s important to know how to use it so it looks elegant.

A simple wine bottle can be transformed into a chic vase in a matter of minutes. The materials needed include painter’s tape, rubber bands, gold spray paint and the glass bottle. The tape and the rubber bands are used to create the desired pattern on the bottle and cover the areas which are to remain unpainted.{found on homeyohmy}.

Obviously, a similar treatment can be applied to a vase. Instead of transforming a bottle into a vase, you can choose to update a vase into a more stylish version of itself. Use tape to cover the upper portion, leave the bottom exposed so it can be painted gold. What you’ll get is a lovely gold-dipped vase.

Using a tree branch and some gold spray paint you can make yourself a beautiful jewelry organizer. It’s really simple actually. You just paint the branch and then attach it to a wall and use it to organize your necklaces and bracelets.

For your office or bookshelves you can make some unique bookends or paper weights. The hard part is finding some rocks that you really like so keep your eyes open everywhere you go. Then you just need to spray paint them.{found on designlovefest}.

And speaking of offices, there’s another lovely project you can try. It consists of making stylish and chic accessories for your desk. Just gather a pencil holder and some other things you need, some painter’s tape and gold spray paint. You can just simply paint the items or play with patterns.{found on homeyohmy}.

Tired of your old coffee mugs and their plain and boring look? Give them a makeover. Use painter’s tape and gold spray paint to create interesting designs. Maybe you’ll even discover you’re naturally talented at these things.{found on garlandofgraceblog}.

The lamp on your desk or nightstand could use a makeover too if you think some golden accents would look good on it. You can choose to simply spray spray paint the entire base of the lamp or create geometric designs using tape. Don’t forget the primer.{found on dreamalittlebigger}.

And just to show you how easy it is to use gold spray paint and how ti can transform anything into a chic item, take a look at this project. A trashcan went from streamline to fancy in an instant and it’s all done using gold spray paint and nothing more.{found on crabandfish}.

Perhaps you’d also like to give some of your furniture a makeover. For example, transform your barstools and give them a chic new look. Spray paint the bottom of the legs and the seat with gold paint and use a different color for the rest of the stool.{found on honeybearlane}.

How would you like to have a stylish bar cart that you’re not ashamed to show your guests? Well, all you need is a cart with a design and size you like. Then you can take care of the aesthetic details and spray paint the frame with gold paint.{found on historyinhighheels}.

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