Top 9 Interior Designers In Moscow

Top 9 Interior Designers In Moscow

Top 9 Interior Designers In Moscow ⇒ Today, Interior Design Blogs brings you our top 9 interior designers based in Moscow. Discover all the amazing luxury design talent Russia has to offer!


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Alexander Kozlov Interiors

Top 9 Interior Designers In Moscow
Credits: Alexander Kozlov


Alexander Kozlov Interiors is an interior design company based in Moscow. The studio mostly works with residential projects, where their signature design style shines, characterised by an interesting mix between classic and modern, alongside some beautiful pops of colour.


Apriori Home

Top 9 Interior Designers In Moscow
Credits: Apriori Home


Apriori Home is a design studio that specializes in the creation of an atmosphere for living and working spaces, constructing amazing interior designs that capture the mood and taste of its costumers. Apriori Home has its own production of pieces with furniture, upholstery and sewing production. The firm applies all its knowledge and technical capabilities to create unique furniture for its clients, resulting in bespoke interior designs. Their work is characterized by its ambiguity and versatility, with styles ranging from maximalist to classic or even minimalist.



Top 9 Interior Designers In Moscow
Credits: GH Group


GH-Group is a design company that carries out a full cycle of works on design concepts, detailed design, repairing and equipping of commercial facilities. The company mainly deals in commercial real-estate: offices, shops, banks, restaurants and cafes with hotels. A tremendous amount of experience and the will to always create one-of-a-kind projects are the main factors behind GH-Group’s work. The company guarantees all is taken care of, from start to finish, delivering amazing projects that is up to the client’s expectations.


Barcelona Design

Top 9 Interior Designers In Moscow
Credits: Barcelona Design


Barcelona Design is a Russian interior design store that features the best design products. The company name was not chosen by chance: Barcelona is the capital of Spanish design. In this cosmopolitan city, everything is filled with beauty and brilliant ideas just hover in the air. Barcelona design is a quality mark like Belgian chocolate or Swiss watches. With an exclusive partnership with factories all over the world, Barcelona Design brings you the best products through an accessible and easy process. The company is the only official partner of the Spanish Red Association in Russia.


Botteganova Agency

Top 9 Interior Designers In Moscow
Credits: Botteganova


Botteganova Agency represents manufacturers of furniture and lighting equipment in Russian. The agency’s activities are aimed towards high-quality and efficient work, which is achieved due to the professionalism of their team, attentive attitude towards each client and focus on excellent results. Their clients receive highly qualified technical support that allows them to better coordinate the activities of suppliers and customers and significantly speed up their design projects.


Extra Class Interiors

Top 9 Interior Designers In Moscow
Credits: Extra Class Interiors


Extra Class Interiors has been presenting interiors of various styles and designs since 1993. They aim to create comfortable environments, with unique and stylish interiors with the help of their clients. Extra Class Interiors is partner with several factories, leaders and trendsetters from cities all across Europe, guaranteeing the best design products for their clients. The structure of the company makes it possible to provide detailed elaboration of architectural and interior solutions at every design stage.


Fifth Avenue

Top 9 Interior Designers In Moscow
Credits: Fifth Avenue


Fifth Avenue is an interior design showroom founded in 2013 that represents the best collections of furniture, lighting and textile for interior design and decor accessories from leading manufacturers of the world. The showroom is the exclusive representative of the French interior house Liaigre in Russia, having a permanent exposition of design furniture and lighting of the famous designer Christian Liagre, along with many other luxury brands. The team of Fifth Avenue are design and decoration professionals who bring any of their client’s ideas or solutions into a sophisticated reality, no matter what style they are, either contemporary, classic or timeless.


Tatyana Myronova

Top 9 Interior Designers In Moscow
Credits: Tatyana Myronova


Famous for her exquisite luxury interiors in the American Neoclassical style, Tatyana Myronova reflects that design on each project, mixing it with a reflection of the outstanding personality of the space’s owner. With an extensive portfolio of exquisite design projects, Myronova continues to be an inspiration and a sounding name in the world of Russian interior design.



Top 9 Interior Designers In Moscow
Credits: Luchetta


Luchetta is an online store that offers all of the best Italian furniture design. Furniture is the main “protagonist” of any interior, so its choice should be approached with special attention. Properly selected furniture not only makes the room functional and comfortable but it is also the compositional centre of any design solution. That’s why Luchetta brings you luxurious, stylish furniture from world-renowned manufacturers.




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