Marble Ways Collection Gives Life to Scrap Wood

By Nanette Wong

Marble Ways Collection Gives Life to Scrap Wood

In marble processing labs, enormous circular blades are used to slice blocks of stone on top of large wood planks. At the same time, the repeated cutting creates a fine, powder-like marble dust that coats the aged wood planks. As more marble is produced, the wooden planks are replaced with new. Rather than letting this rich, textured wood go to waste, alcarol is giving it new life through the Marble Ways collection.

A transparent resin coat helps preserve the unique texture and look created through hours of wear in the marble factory. Laser cut steel and simple joints are added to the wood planks, creating tables that keep in line with the theme of the materials used. As a result, each of these textured tabletops carry a rich history of human workings.

Marble Ways 7

Marble Ways_ low table 5

Marble Way_ coffee table 6

Marble Way 6

Marble Way 5

Marble Way 2


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