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New bed designs 2016 by Koket

Imagine a beautiful princess sleeping in her romantic bed and waiting for a handsome Prince to give her his love. This is considered a pure fairytale story, but we can adapt the reality and sleep like a princess after all if we have the perfect bed. Interior Design Blogs today presents the new bed designs 2016 by KOKET. Their newest bed collection includes decadent upholstered beds. Be inspired to drift off to dreamland in luxury with their choice of upholstered beauties.

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New bed designs 2016 by Koket (3)

The main designer of KOKET, Janet Morais and the KOKET team  were inspired by some of their favorite upholstered femme Fatales, blending the designs to capture their erotic essence while fitting them for your boudoir. The result? A luxurious realm of plush velvets and fabrics morphed with cutting edge designs and fine craftsmanship, producing the ultimate bed collection that will have you dying for some pillow talk.

New bed designs 2016 by Koket (3)
The Forbidden and the Forbidden II are part of the new bed designs 2016 by KOKET

The journey into the KOKET bed collection begins with the original temptress, the Forbidden Bed, adorning a sensuous union of the lips at the headboards crown. Shaped from the classic design, the Forbidden II symbolizes the enticement and temptation of a great love affair. Just like the stolen moments of any forbidden desire, this bed makes your heart race about the next anticipated encounter.

New bed designs 2016 by Koket (5)
The Kelly Bed looks stunning in cream upholstery paired with the Stella Mirror and Prive Day bed in this KOKET project

If the Forbidden sisters are a little risqué for your luxury bed style, perhaps the cool Kelly Bed will strike your fancy. Her fluid curves are harmoniously matched by sumptuously pleated waves of supple upholstery fabric. This bed has a fully upholstered body.

New bed designs 2016 by Koket (Copy)
The Caprichosa headboards fluid curves are a mesmerizing blend of intrigue and romance

For a feminine touch, the Caprichosa Bed exudes contemporary glamor. Flirty and unpredictable like a modern woman, the Caprichosa’s voluptuous yet romantic bed design mimics a woman’s most desirable curves. Fitted like a little black dress in luscious upholstery fabric, a striking polished brass band hugs the base of her curvaceous body.

New bed designs 2016 by Koket (7)
The sassy Sevilliana Bed features a flirtatious fringe around the base.

Inspired by wild, passionate nights of the Spanish dance, the Sevilliana Bed design embodies the graceful curves and attire of Sevillana dancing girls. Become entranced in the movement of modern lines drawing your eye down to the flirtatious fringe that skirts the base.

New bed designs 2016 by Koket (4)
The Alexia Bed looking casually posh draped with a natural fur throw.

The last and certainly not least beauty from the bed collection is the epitome of sumptuous glamor, the Alexia Bed. Nothing says sultry Hollywood boudoir like Alexia. Her fully upholstered velvet headboards sensuous curls and curves draw you down to the tufted accents and vivacious golden nails lining the side. A lady and a flirt, her playful platform body rests on petite metal feet.

For more about this, really feminine and luxurious brand visit KOKET’s website.

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