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What you can’t miss about Design Miami

That question is: What you can’t miss about Design Miami? Well, Interior Design Blogs tells you everything!

It is  a reference in terms of art shows in the US. It is a global forum that envolves brands and artists from all over the glove. This edition is happening right now and it is taking place from December 2 and it will end on Sunday, December 6 in Miami Beach.

In this edition the novelty is a market for curated design where galleries show art from young talented designers who produce experimental pieces, usually envolves contemporary art.

It is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and it is happening on the same location then before: Miami Beach Convention Center, we will be able to appreciate the amazing Miami Beach and also the show that is happening at the same as Design Miami, Art Basel. These two shows complement each other because they are a gathering of design, culture and creativity with a lot of influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators, and critics from around the world.


Check these Design Miami photos!


interior design blogs design miami

The spot of Design Miami. For more about Miami download our Design Guide here!

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