2019 Must-Haves For Interior Design

2019 Must-Haves For Interior Design ⇒ With the new year already on the move, new and exciting things are coming. Trends come and go, se it’s important to keep up with them. Interior Design Blogs brings you the must-haves you should look out for 2019!


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Luxury Tapestry


Home’s Society brings you the exquisite MIRA(AGE) Cabinet for you to absorb the most amazing masterpiece from the comfortable place of your own home.


Be inspired by Rug’s Society brand new piece that will give a sophisticated and luxurious touch, the Oslo Rug. This minimalist piece will give your living room exactly what it needs.


Let yourself go, step into another decade, and enjoy the ride. Essential Home is proud to present you the Marco Armchair. This retro but stylish shape is going to change your life.


The first word that pops into your head when you think of the NAICCA Brass Chandelier, is mesmerizing. Nothing brings more exceptional light than this chandelier brought to you by Brabbu.


Admire the potential of this Charla Dining Chair, there’s so much promise for the perfection of the dining room. Luxxu grants you the privilege of this splendid furniture combined with leather and velvet.


Feeling like you want to sleep on a cloud tonight? With Circu, everything is possible, specially this Cloud Bed, where your dreams can be as beautiful and peaceful looking as this magical bed.


This piece is, to say at least, completely unique. Boca do Lobo brings you the unforgettable Pixel Cabinet, the most luxurious item, with neutral and nude tones.


This Waltz Bookcase gives another vision of your personal library or even a special perspective of your living room! Luxxu presents you this astonishing item that will change your life.


This Triptico Suspension Lamp is composed by three beautiful lights with adjustable arrangement, which is perfect for you to set on your living or even dining room. Boca do Lobo gives you this perfect item, to make your home even more luxurious.





Take A Look At What Boca do Lobo Has In Store For 2019

Waterfall Family lighting collection by Luxxu


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